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Our products have been designed for the comfort and health of their users and to improve their quality of life at work, whatever their environment (office, assembly line, reception work...).

The AMUP position (rested, legs extended) is THE ergonomic position.

It helps minimize back pain and lower body pain by improving venous circulation and increasing concentration and productivity .
By promoting mobility, the AMUP product range fights the many scourges of a prolonged sedentary lifestyle!

Much more than a simple seat with footrest, the original AMUP was born out of a real need for mobility and ergonomics at work.

- Easily installed and with a reversible fixing, it adapts to many pieces of furniture and can be designed in all kinds of installations.

- Robust, light and compact , the original AMUP is unique in its kind and easily retractable clearing up the space after use.

- Intuitive, it unfolds with one hand in a few seconds and adapts to the size of the user.

- Customizable, AMUP wears the colors of your company loud and clear.

Characteristics :

Base width: <50 cm

Floor space when open: <50 cm

Height when folded: <80 cm

Weight: <12 kg

amup en situation

AMUP en situation 

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